Herr Arnes Pengar `

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Sweden, the 16th century. Three Scottish mercenaries on the run murder a parson and his household and make off with the family fortune. A foster daughter survives, and her subsequent dilemma - when she learns that the man she's fallen for was one of the killers - is the heart of the drama. The scenario partakes of the all-pervading religiosity of the setting, with dreams and premonitions, the reactions of animals, the behaviour of the weather all seen as the workings of a vengeful Old Testament God. Some bravura staging by Stiller, who had yet to find his Garbo; Mary Johnson didn't fit that bill, though she certainly was uncommonly pretty.

By: BBa

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Cast and crew

Director: Mauritz Stiller
Screenwriter: Mauritz Stiller, Gustaf Molander
Cast: Mary Johnson
Richard Lund
Hjalmar Selander
Concordia Selander
Wanda Rothgardt
Eric Stocklassa
Bror Berger
Axel Nilsson
Gustaf Aronson
Stina Berg