Hidden Witnesses

What starts as a small-scale tale of street folk - Maria Jose ('Majo') and violent addict boyfriend Federico blackmail rich men by secretly filming them with her - soon aims for more ambitious territory with its exploration of cult behaviour and psychology. But, a visually unremarkable telepic dressed up with social surface, the film is poorly equipped to deliver on such intentions. It's engaging enough in a familiar way, and, by default or association, it does have something to say about the pressure to find a niche, or simply survive, within a rabid free-market economy - it's probably most resonant in its clearsighted understanding of women's extra vulnerability within such a system, but it's too in thrall to North American filmic models to offer anything lasting.

By: GE

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Cast and crew

Director: Nestor Sanchez Solelo
Cast: Carolina Touceda
Martin Loza
Fernando Aguilar
Esther Goris
Fernando Guillén Cuervo
Martin Coria
Roly Serrano
Alejandro Fiore