Highlander III – The Sorcerer

Movies, Fantasy
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Evil magician Kane (Van Peebles), one of three immortals buried in a Japanese magician's cave for 400 years, returns to confront his nemesis, the Highlander (Lambert). Using brute strength and the power of illusion, he wrests the Prize from his adversary's grasp. Observing from the sidelines is research scientist Alex Johnson (Unger), whose archaeological dig first unearthed them. Lambert is as uncharismatic as ever, while Van Peebles is as frightening as a wrestler in mock angry mood, and just as ridiculous. The choicest moment is when Connor MacLeod's flashback romp in the hay with Sarah (Unger, again) is interrupted by a flunky who insists he's needed in Paris immediately, 'because the Revolution's started'. With dialogue and storylines like these, director Morahan is on a hiding to nothing. To his credit, however, he smoothly continues the series' tradition of flashy images, showy sfx, aerial landscape shots and driving rock tunes. Polished photography from Steven Chivers.

By: NF

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Cast and crew

Director: Andy Morahan
Screenwriter: Paul Ohl
Cast: Christopher Lambert
Mario Van Peebles
Deborah Unger
Raoul Trujillo
Jean-Pierre Pérusse