Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Movies, Comedy
Kleiser's follow-up to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is a disappointment. Much of the problem is that it's impossible to place a 112-foot high baby in peril, or excite the sort of concern that was generated by the miniaturised children. This big baby gurgles happily as he picks up cars with adults in them and toddles about grabbing neon signs in Las Vegas, threatened only - and briefly - by a man with a tranquilliser dart in a helicopter. The rest of the problem is lousy back-projection, with ill-matched scenes in which the proper-sized people seem to be responding several yards to the left and right of the stimulus. Very boring.

By: BC

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Cast and crew

Director: Randal Kleiser
Screenwriter: Thom Eberhardt, Peter Elbling, Garry Goodrow
Cast: Rick Moranis
Marcia Strassman
Robert Oliveri
Lloyd Bridges
John Shea
Keri Russell
Ron Canada
Amy O'Neill