House of Whipcord

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An above average sexploitation/horror that has been put together with some polish and care from a fairly original script. The film is dedicated ironically to all those who wish to see the return of capital punishment in Britain, and it's about a senile old judge and his wife who are so appalled by current permissiveness that they set up a gruesome house of correction for young girls. The only trouble is that the film undercuts its potentially interesting Gothic theme by some leering emphases, and the final result is likely to be seen and appreciated only by the people who will take the dedication at its face value.

By: DP

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Pete Walker
Screenwriter: Pete Walker, David McGillivray
Cast: Barbara Markham
Patrick Barr
Ray Brooks
Ann Michelle
Penny Irving
Sheila Keith
David McGillivray
Pete Walker