How She Move

2 out of 5 stars

She move the same way the plot do: predictably. As in last year’s Stomp the Yard, a dead sibling haunts our bookish, striving, jelly-vertebraed protagonist, Raya (Wesley). Big sis was a junkie but a funky stepper; Raya bends, gyrates and flexes in her sib’s honor. And if Raya and her all-boy crew just happen to win the grand prize at the Step Monster competition, she’ll have enough cash to return to her fancy private school. Before that cliff-hanger, we learn that the kid with glasses has the craziest moves—and that the past is not always prologue.

The appeal of dance-off movies lies in the outrageous bravado of boasts. But all that’s delivered here is the tepid, self-evident taunt “You think your step is better than mine?” between Raya and her chief frenemy, Michelle (Armstrong). The moves that follow are much less dynamic than the race between the two teens in algebra class to solve the quadratic equation. No one gets served as much as waited on.

Produced by MTV Films, How She Move relies heavily on edits that will have the greatest appeal to meth addicts. But there are some new sights. You Got Served and the doc Rize take place in Los Angeles; Stomp the Yard in Atlanta. Ian Iqbal Rashid’s film focuses on the primarily West Indian diaspora in Ontario—if anything, How She Move will put the projects of Hamilton on the map. And no visual trickery is needed for the film’s most amazing vision: the chunky all-female step team dressed in nurses’ scrubs.


Release details

Release date:
Friday January 25 2008
98 mins

Cast and crew

Ian Iqbal Rashid
Annmarie Morais
Rutina Wesley
Tré Armstrong
Dwain Murphy
Clé Bennett