Hyenas' Sun

Tunisia turns up trumps with this rough but quite striking study in the awful consequences of capitalist madness and tourism in a small fishing village. The quick-witted jump on the bandwagon with the development's German financiers, the others tag behind as employees, deserting their boats to sell tinned sardines and hawk postcards to the overweight foreign funsters who crowd the beaches. Behi, making his first full-length feature, uses a strident visual style, with a little too much distorted camerawork for comfort; but the film's sense of commitment (and acidly ironic sense of humour) helps to steady the course.

By: GB

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Cast and crew

Director: Rihda Behi
Screenwriter: Rihda Behi
Cast: Larbi Doghmi
Mahmoud Morsi
Ahmed Snoussi
Hélène Catzaras
El Omari