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Will Ferrell has become the most unlikely embodiment of wholesome family fun since Fred MacMurray gave up film noir for My Three Sons. Here, he plays emasculated Illinois WASP Phil Weston, who squares off with his hypercompetitive father, Buck (Duvall), via the forum of Little League soccer. Phil becomes a coffee-fueled jerk obsessed with winning; what keeps the movie scoring is its unwavering commitment to teaching all the wrong moral lessons. That, along with the impeccable comic timing of Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka (he even holds his own against Duvall!), is what really gives this movie some kick.



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Jesse Dylan
Leo Benvenuti, Steve Rudnick
Will Ferrell
Robert Duvall
Kate Walsh
Mike Ditka
Dylan McLaughlin
Josh Hutcherson
Musetta Vander

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