Little Manhattan

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It's rare for tweens in romantic comedies to be portrayed as sympathetic, fully rounded characters. More often they exist as cutesy distractions thrown in for comic relief, or worse, as conniving, insufferable brats. Refreshing, then, is this charming story, in which 11-year-old Upper West Sider Gabe (Hutcherson) chronicles the tumult of first love, set against the lush backdrop of Central Park. When a forlorn Gabe's amorous feelings for karate-class pal Rosemary (Ray) force him to ask his soon-to-be-divorced dad, "How come all love has to end?," we wish we had the answer.



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Mark Levin
Josh Hutcherson
Charlie Ray
Bradley Whitford
Cynthia Nixon
Willie Garson
Tonye Patano
Josh Pais

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