Love Tomorrow

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2 out of 5 stars
Love Tomorrow

The makers of this British indie – a bittersweet, ballet-themed not-quite-romance – took a risk by casting real dancers with little screen experience in the lead roles. And it pays off: Cindy Jourdain and Arionel Vargas are sweetly believable as Eva and Oriel, strangers whose paths cross one gloomy night in Camden. But it’s the only risk they took: this is tame, lifeless stuff, following the characters as they drift from bar to party, coffee shop to dance class. There are moments of quiet beauty and serious issues are raised – professional jealousy, ageing, infidelity and sickness – but the film fails to get to grips with them in any meaningful way. Any sympathy we feel for these sad-eyed loners comes from the acting not the script, which tends to spell everything out in the bluntest terms and leans on clumsy, repetitive flashbacks. The drab photography and bland score don’t help.

By: Tom Huddleston


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Cast and crew

Director: Christopher Payne
Screenwriter: Christopher Payne
Cast: Cindy Jourdain
Arionel Vargas
Max Brown