Madame Claude

Movies, Thriller
Jaeckin, the man to blame for initiating the deadly rash of Emmanuelliana, has a knack for making movies in which sex appears about as much fun as a trip to the launderette. Perhaps realising this, he has bolstered the regulation softcore sighs with a purportedly 'political' thriller plot. Unfortunately the latter is equally inane, and one can only surmise that Jaeckin has a knack for making movies about as interesting...etc. Klaus Kinski looks like he'd give anything to be on a raft up the Amazon.

By: PT

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Cast and crew

Director: Just Jaeckin
Screenwriter: André G Brunelin, Just Jaeckin
Cast: Françoise Fabian
Murray Head
Dayle Haddon
Klaus Kinski
Robert Webber
Marc Michel
Maurice Ronet