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'You're born, you die... It's reincarnation... So why did I have to be born poor, dumb and uneducated' - such philosophical musings on the injustices of a maid's lot (including accusations of theft, laziness and heavy-handedness, which usually result in job loss), as well as individual hopes and disappointments, are the subject of this offbeat Brazilian comedy. The straight to camera, b/w 'video diary' treatment emphasises the vulnerability of the domesticas; while frenetic, fast-cut shots against the backdrop of a neon-lit São Paulo emulate the pace of these servants' frantic lives. Elsewhere the camaraderie and chutzpah of the women who support, listen to, and laugh with one another adds vibrancy and colour. Despite its sometimes morose social commentary, the overwhelmingly comic script gives the film a craziness worthy of Almodóvar.

By: JFu

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Cast and crew

Director: Fernando Meirelles, Nando Olival
Screenwriter: Cecília Homem de Mello, Fernando Meirelles, Renata Melo, Nando Olival
Cast: Cláudia Missura
Graziela Moretto
Lena Roque
Olivia Araújo
Renata Melo