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It’s perhaps unsurprising that Lodge Kerrigan is thanked on the credits of this gritty, slightly arty, mostly engrossing portrait of the life of a Pakistani quietly trying to make his way in Manhattan by selling coffee and breakfasts from a stall hauled each morning through the wintry streets. The movie, after all, displays a desire for emotional and social authenticity reminiscent from Kerrigan’s more austere ‘Keane’. The story – ‘Bicycle Thieves’ touched with unrequited romance – is nothing special, but Bahrani reveals himself as a real filmmaker in some terrific scenes involving a kitten and in his careful negotiations of a troubelesome triangle between the protagonist, a Pakistani playboy who befriends him, and a Barcelona-born streetvendor. Modest but rewarding.


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Ramin Bahrani
Ramin Bahrani, Bahareh Azimi
Ahmad Razvi
Leticia Dolera
Charles Daniel Sandoval
Ali Reza