A long day in the life of a Latino family struggling to survive in NY's Washington Heights, former crack cocaine capital of the world. Ex-con Junior (Franky G) is looking out for younger brother and recent graduate Manny (Minaya) against a backdrop of street violence, racial prejudice, police harassment and family tension (including an estranged drug-dealing father), with uneasy results. using a bilingual non-pro Spanish/American cast, shaky DV and a bag of cinematic tricks (light, speed and colour), writer/director Eason's first feature is a visual and aural feast of gritty documentary-style realism. Bleak, but sensational.

By: JFu

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Cast and crew

Director: Eric Eason
Screenwriter: Eric Eason
Cast: Franky G
Leo Minaya
Manuel Cabral
Julissa Lopez
Jessica Morales
Hector Gonzalez
Panchito Gomez