An overheated, noir-ish melodrama about a sexual triangle: stolid power-line worker Robinson has plucked Marlene Dietrich from a dance-hall dive and married her, but his sexier fellow-worker Raft fools around with her. The conflict naturally comes to a head on the power lines during a thunderstorm. This is the only American movie that doesn't label Dietrich as a foreigner, but its overall 'Frailty, thy name is woman' tone preserves her status as an object to be feared.

By: TR

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Cast and crew

Director: Raoul Walsh
Screenwriter: Richard Macaulay, Jerry Wald
Cast: Marlene Dietrich
Edward G Robinson
George Raft
Alan Hale
Walter Catlett
Eve Arden
Frank McHugh
Barton MacLane
Ward Bond