Me & My Matchmaker

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When documentarist Mark Wexler (son of cinematographer Haskell) decided to make a film about traditional Jewish matchmaker Irene Nathan, he did not expect to find himself going out with some of her clients, whom he was interviewing, or to have Irene take such an interest in his own love life. The film's funny, fascinating, and finally faintly disturbing. How far is Wexler prepared to exploit the women he meets in order to 'improve' his movie? Or is he making it partly to meet women? And for all Irene's wit, charm and good intentions, one can't help feeling by the end that she's something of a meddler and control freak. Creepily intriguing.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: Mark Wexler
Screenwriter: Mark Wexler
Cast: Irene Nathan