Directorial debut for the editor of Midnight Cowboy and Shaft. An entry in the short-lived blaxploitation genre, it features a hip, fast-jiving black DJ (Lockhart) who trains nights on karate at the Panther HQ and gives out ultracool sounds by day. He finds himself picking up lovely Melinda (McGee). They have two days of bliss before she's carved up. Turns out it's the Syndicate, an all-white band of nasties, and she has a tape incriminating the big boss which she has passed to our hero. Some scenes suggest that there's a strong eye somewhere behind the camera, but mostly the plot just meanders awkwardly along, not helped by similarly plodding dialogue.

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Cast and crew

Director: Hugh A Robertson
Screenwriter: Lonne Elder III
Cast: Calvin Lockhart
Rosalind Cash
Vonetta McGee
Paul Stevens
Rockne Tarkington
Ross Hagen
Renny Roker
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