Midas Run

Movies, Thriller
A crime-of-the-century caper, not high in the credibility stakes at the best of times, but pushed several rungs lower by the casting of Fred Astaire as a member of an aristocratic English family (his accent explained away by recalling that Sir Winston Churchill, too, had an American mother). A British secret service chief, Astaire masterminds a gold bullion robbery, then solves the crime himself, all in order to secure the knighthood that has so far escaped him. Crenna plays an expert in military strategy duped into helping (but ingeniously exculpated afterwards), and Richardson contributes a characteristic civil service cameo. Script, acting and direction are equally laboured.

By: TM

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Cast and crew

Director: Alf Kjellin
Screenwriter: James D Buchanan, Ronald Austin, Berne Giler
Cast: Richard Crenna
Anne Heywood
Fred Astaire
Roddy McDowall
Ralph Richardson
Adolfo Celi
Cesar Romero
Maurice Denham