Missing in Action

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This is so bad it defies belief. Norris, veteran of trashy but fun martial arts movies, plays Col Braddock, a gook-zapping 'Nam vet. Taking off his shirt at every opportunity, Norris hunks his way through the jungle to rescue a gang of unofficial PoWs, GIs imprisoned long after the end of the war. Cue lots of explosions, perfunctory action sequences, transparent gore, and 'all gooks are baddies' propaganda. Xenophobic, amateurish and extraordinarily dull, it nevertheless grossed $26m in the States.

By: JCo

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Cast and crew

Director: Joseph Zito
Screenwriter: James Bruner
Cast: Chuck Norris
M Emmet Walsh
Davis Tress
Leonore Kasdorf
James Hong
Ernie Ortega
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