Mister Cory

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Made just before Sweet Smell of Success, serving almost as a run-up to Curtis' characterisation as Sidney Falco, this mines the same vein of guttersnipe, braggart ambition, but to comic and rather less successful effect. Curtis plays a Chicago slum kid who, while employed as a waiter, makes it rich as a gambler among the country-club set, and ends up having to choose between classy Hyer (who likes him for his body) and her sister Grant (who likes him for himself). A glossy, almost-black comedy, it never really works as sharp social satire, despite the pointed irony of the sexually ambiguous relationship between Curtis and the ageing gambler (Bickford) with whom he goes into lucrative partnership. But Curtis' sense of timing, coupled with Edwards' solid professionalism, make for breezy if forgettable entertainment.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: Blake Edwards
Screenwriter: Blake Edwards
Cast: Tony Curtis
Charles Bickford
Martha Hyer
Kathryn Grant
Henry Daniell
William Reynolds
Russ Morgan