Moon 44

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Intergalactic hijackers are zapping our planets, and the next target is Moon 44, to be exploited for mineral wealth and already used as a training ground for hi-tech 'copter pilots. The mining corporation sends up investigator Felix Stone (Paré), who's deep undercover, pretending to be a fighter pilot while hunting a saboteur. The plot contains one potentially intriguing idea: the musclebound pilots, most of whom are criminals, are hamstrung without their navigators, weakling teen geniuses to a boy. The boys are beaten up and sexually abused by the pilots, who then wonder why they keep getting directed into cliff faces. A silly subplot concerns library books; and our worst fears are realised when McDowell bumbles into view as Major Lee, enigmatic station commander. The film looks nice but unoriginal (blue light, dry ice, flashing instrument panels); the model work is okay but laboured; the acting is stunningly mediocre.

By: SFe

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Roland Emmerich
Screenwriter: Dean Heyde, Oliver Eberle
Cast: Michael Paré
Lisa Eichhorn
Malcolm McDowell
Dean Devlin
Brian Thompson
Stephen Geoffreys
Leon Rippy
Jochen Nickel