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A follow-up to The Language of Love which is just as clumsily directed - all those round-the-coffee-table sex chats and unrelated street scenes! Stonily serious, the film is clearly informational (if on a grade school level) rather than exploitative, with the most detailed and basic demonstrations being the most successful sequences. Problems considered are homosexuality (male and female, superficially); VD (also superficially); sex and the handicapped; and impotence. One sequence deals with a repressive commune whose exploitation of its female members goes without comment by the pundits.

By: VG

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Cast and crew

Director: Torgny Wickman
Cast: Inge Hegeler
Sten Hegeler
Maj-Briht Bergström-Walan
Ove Arström
Anna Berggren
Bengt Berggren