Motel Cactus

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Thanks to Chris Doyle's typically fluid, sensuous camerawork, this never looks less than terrific; it is, however, a little low on narrative drive as it charts four sexual/emotional encounters in a Seoul 'love hotel'. Intriguingly, the couplings involve only six characters, so that the episodes are subtly (even obscurely) linked, but while Park is clearly adept at establishing and sustaining a variety of moods, there's nothing particularly original in what he has to say about male-female relationships.

By: GA

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Park Ki-Yong
Screenwriter: Park Ki-Yong, Bong Joon-Ho
Cast: Jin Hee-Kyung
Jung Woo-Sung
Kim Seung-Hyun
Han Woong-Soo
Lee Mi-Yeon
Park Shin-Yang