Mr Baseball

Hardly one of Schepisi's finest hours: Selleck mugs his way through the usual 'fish out of water' routine as a lippy American ball-player who joins a Japanese team, but, somewhat predictably, has difficulty adjusting to the confines of group mentality. It's fairly tame stuff, but Matsushita's take-over of Universal dumped the production into controversy, with the Japanese reckoning the script was anti-Japanese and the Yanks reckoning it anti-American. We Brits took one look and called it 'straight to video'.

By: TJ

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Fred Schepisi
Screenwriter: Gary Ross, Kevin Wade, Monte Merrick
Cast: Tom Selleck
Ken Takakura
Aya Takanashi
Toshi Shioya
Dennis Haysbert