Mr Forbush and the Penguins

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Filmed on location with the assistance of the Argentinian army and navy, and with Arne Sucksdorff responsible for the Antarctic animal sequences. Viola's version (Forbush alone in the Antarctic wastes) was pruned to make way for the inconsequential framing story (directed by an uncredited Roy Boulting) deemed necessary to get people into the cinema. So Graham Billing's novel emerges as a trite romantic fable about a rich young biologist who leaves home and his frigid girlfriend (Mills) for the warm-hearted beasties of the frozen South. There's a single sequence during the arrival of the penguins that makes the rest of the film just about worth sitting through.

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Cast and crew

Director: Al Viola
Screenwriter: Anthony Shaffer
Cast: John Hurt
Hayley Mills
Dudley Sutton
Tony Britton
Thorley Walters
Judy Campbell
Joss Ackland