Mueda – Memory and Massacre

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Mueda was a massacre. The name is that of the village in Northern Mozambique where in 1960 it took place. The Portuguese colonial regime did the killing. In independent Mozambique, those inhabitants of Mueda who survived regularly re-enact the massacre in situ. They themselves play the roles of victims, assassins, and spectators. Ruy Guerra, now a Brazilian but born in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo, the capital of Mozambique), filmed this extraordinary creation of liberated popular culture, intercutting it with first-hand interviews on the massacre. The mix is compelling, and the grave yet joyous spectacle unique.

By: SH

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Cast and crew

Director: Ruy Guerra
Screenwriter: Calisto Dos Lagos
Cast: Filipe Gunoguacala
Romao Canapoquele
Baltasar Nchilem