Visually stylish it may be (like his two principal characters, writer/director Mahurin was a photographer), but this first feature is arty and pretentious as it explores the enigmatic relationship between an amnesiac white holed up in a derelict Harlem building, and the black guy ('Rumor') who offers to help in return for payment, but insists he stay put. As Rumor starts discovering aspects of his charge's life (including his black girlfriend), the film becomes increasingly stilted, symbolic and stultifying. New York is shot like some bleak sci-fi cityscape.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: Matt Mahurin
Screenwriter: Matt Mahurin
Cast: Robert Knepper
Michael Williams
Belinda Becker
Robert Walker
Willie Lassic
Maxine Joyner
Shevonne Tucker