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Altman's one major studio picture between Popeye and The Player was a complete misfire. As scripted by National Lampoon's Tod Carroll and Ted Mann, it's a peculiarly juvenile foray into teen anarchy, as the two pranksters of the title set about harassing Phoenix, Arizona, in general, and the Schwab family (racist, materialistic, dumb and ugly) in particular. As satire, it falls flat, partly because Altman gets the sub-Popeye comic-strip tone all wrong (with the notable exception of Dooley's Randall Schwab), partly because the kids are so snide and smart-ass. Small wonder it only achieved video release.

By: GA

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Robert Altman
Screenwriter: Donald Cantrell, Ted Mann
Cast: Daniel H Jenkins
Neill Barry
Paul Dooley
Jane Curtin
Jon Cryer
Ray Walston
Dennis Hopper
Melvin Van Peebles
Martin Mull
Nina Van Pallandt