Off the Map

This whimsical if somewhat obscure desert movie, adapted by Joan Ackermann from her own play, is in the likeable vein of Bagdad Café. A taxman ventures deep into New Mexico to audit the books of a gloomy, catatonic homesteader (Elliott) who lives with his family in a home without so much as a telephone. The winsome, Wonder Years-style voice-over which begins the film (spoken by Elliott's daughter) is an irritation, but there's a deadpan, surrealist humour here which is very easy to warm to. Allen excels as the free-thinking, hippyish wife and Elliott, though he seldom speaks, has gravitas and screen presence a-plenty. Director Scott strikes a leisurely but beguiling tempo.

By: GM

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Cast and crew

Director: Campbell Scott
Screenwriter: Joan Ackermann
Cast: Joan Allen
Sam Elliott
Valentina de Angelis
JK Simmons
Jim True-Frost
Amy Brenneman
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