Paradis Perdu

Napoléon made Gance, at 38, the youngest Grand Old Man of French cinema. Thereafter his career, a sequence of theatrical adaptations and historical romances relieved only by some grandiose (and mostly doomed) projects, described a precipitously downward spiral similar to that of L'Herbier. Not much extravagance, then, in this film, the sentimental chronicle of a World War I widower overly troubled by his daughter's physical resemblance to her late mother. Academic and impersonal, its sole asset is a youthfully ingenuous Micheline Presle.

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Cast and crew

Abel Gance
Abel Gance, Joseph Than, Stève Passeur
Fernand Gravey
Micheline Presle
Robert Pizani
Elvire Popesco
Robert Le Vigan
Jane Marken