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When a scientist arrives in an arid, futuristic landscape largely inhabited by 'Fickies' (predictably resembling Hell's Angels), he unfortunately brings with him two lethally ravenous lumps of slime: one in his stomach, one in a thermos. These of course attack all and sundry in repetitively gory set pieces which lack any of the intelligence, wit or style of Cronenberg's superficially similar Shivers. Uninspired actors intone a banal script, reduced by clumsy pacing to a minimum of suspense. The use of 3-D is presumably meant to lift this cinematic sludge above its peers; but apart from the obligatory objects placed in the foreground or - just occasionally - hurled at the camera, it's visually as uninteresting as a catfood commercial.

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Cast and crew

Charles Band
Alan Alder, Michael Shoob, Frank Levering
Robert Glaudini
Demi Moore
Luca Bercovici
James Davidson
Al Fann
Cherie Currie
Vivian Blaine