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‘Come I will teach you love’, self styled ‘love guru’ Prem (Khan) says to his mismatched partner Bhaskar (Govinda), who wants to be hitched to above his station boss Priya (Kaif). It’s a rip off of Will Smith’s ‘Hitch’ with songs entitled ‘Do You Wanna Partner, O Partner?’, ‘You’re My Love’ and a Hindi version of Ricky Martin’s ‘Maria Maria’, and none of the mild wit of the original. Die hard fans of loud, crude and inane Bollywood comedies will probably love this unfunny farce. Govinda speaks English and does manage to raise the odd chuckle but this is unpolished massala humour for the masses. It is outrageous that in 2007 Bollywood is still using a slipping on a banana skin gag to evoke laughter.


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David Dhawan
Salman Khan
Lara Dutta
Katrina Kaif