Pasolini, un Delitto Italiano

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Driven by a pulsing Morricone score, this forthright investigative thriller re-examines the murder of the great Italian director and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini in Ostia in 1975, and the subsequent, inadaquate police inquiry (the case was reopened in light of the evidence presented in the film and the book which inspired it). While Giordana's comparatively conventional style has nothing in common with Pasolini's, the film's mode of address serves as a powerful, moving testament to the esteem in which the film-maker was (and still is) held, and a devastating critique of the society which couldn't accommodate his integrity.

By: TCh

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Cast and crew

Director: Marco Tullio Giordana
Screenwriter: Stefano Rulli, Sandro Petraglia, Marco Tullio Giodana
Cast: Carlo de Filippi
Nicoletta Braschi
Tony Bertorelli