Paulina 1880

As a result of a highly repressive upbringing, super-sensual Paulina is brought to the extreme pitch of murdering her married lover. The critique of Catholicism and the late 19th century haute bourgeoisie intended by Bertuccelli (who made his debut the previous year with the impressive Ramparts of Clay) is unfortunately smothered by a blandly 'beautiful' treatment and an insistent glamorisation of victim Paulina. It hovers on the edge of good film-making, but never quite makes the grade.

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Cast and crew

Jean-Louis Bertuccelli
Albina Du Boisrouvray, Jean-Louis Bertuccelli
Eliana De Santis
Olga Karlatos
Maximilian Schell
Michel Bouquet
Sami Frey
Romolo Valli