Peau d'Ane

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Even on paper this couldn't have seemed such a terrific idea, and Demy's attempt to fuse Cocteau with Disney via one of Perrault's less endearing conceits (a gold-shitting donkey) contrives to be both garish and coyly tasteful. Deneuve sings four Michel Legrand ballads whose resemblance to each other is matched by their resemblance to the composer's earlier work, while a soppy Perrin emerges as more Prince Charles than Prince Charming. To its credit are Delphine Seyrig as a chic, malicious Fairy Godmother, and Marais as the genuinely Cocteau-esque King.

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Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy
Catherine Deneuve
Jean Marais
Jacques Perrin
Delphine Seyrig
Micheline Presle
Fernand Ledoux
Sacha Pitoeff
Henri Crémieux