Persona Non Grata

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Oliver Stone's willingness to insert himself into the Arab/Israeli conflict will impress and infuriate in equal measure. He uses his celebrity as a battering ram, getting one-to-one time with a number of the major players, including Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, spokesmen from Hamas and the Martyrs' Brigade (interviewed incognito, with guns). Admittedly there's a hole in the film where the only fleetingly glimpsed Yasser Arafat should have been. Stone takes the advice of Shimon Peres, the most tempered voice here, and leaves history behind to concentrate on the battle lines as they stand.

By: TCh

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Director: Oliver Stone
Cast: Yasser Arafat
Ehud Barak
Benjamin Netanyahu
Shimon Peres
Jasan Yosef
Oliver Stone