Pett and Pott

If you can imagine Un Chien Andalou reworked by Gilbert and Sullivan, you'll have the flavour of this unlikely product of the Grierson-supervised GPO Film Unit. Subtitled 'A fairy story of the suburbs', it's a satirical-ironical-irrational reverie, which contrasts the virtuous Pett family (who have a phone) with the disgraceful Potts (who don't). The latter are gleefully portrayed as the embodiment of everything un-suburban, with their libidinous continental ways and laxity with the hired help. Made for a pittance, it's radical, fun and probably left its sponsors aghast. (In bit parts: Humphrey Jennings as a grocer, Basil Wright as a parson and Cavalcanti himself as a showman.) BBa.

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Cast and crew

Alberto Cavalcanti
Alberto Cavalcanti, Stuart Legg
Barbara Nixon
Eric Hudson
JM Reeves
Bruce Winston
Valeska Gert
Humphrey Jennings
Basil Wright
Stuart Legg
Alberto Cavalcanti