Pool of London

After the success of the police drama The Blue Lamp (1949), Basil Dearden and Ealing studios continued in what passed for a realist vein with this tale of merchant seaman Colleano's involvement in a diamond smuggling racket and his subsequent flight when he becomes chief suspect in a murder investigation. Few surprises in the story, but the location work in the bustling Docklands captures a time and place now gone forever. And Earl Cameron's contribution is an early example of a black performer getting a significant leading role in a contemporary British drama.

By: TJ

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Cast and crew

Director: Basil Dearden
Screenwriter: Jack Whittingham, John Eldridge
Cast: Bonar Colleano
Susan Shaw
Renee Asherson
Earl Cameron
Moira Lister
Max Adrian
Joan Dowling
James Robertson Justice
Alfie Bass
Leslie Phillips
George Benson
Victor Maddern