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This 'New Jack' Western shoots off in all directions but never hits home. There's much historical revisionism on offer - one third of cowboys were black, apparently - but the only source material that really counts here is old movies (The Wild Bunch, The Magnificent Seven, and, especially, Leone). A refugee from the Spanish-American war, Mario Van Peebles' Jessie Lee leads a band of deserters west to Cutter's Town, where he has a score to settle. On his tail is sadistic Colonel Graham (Zane) and his 'Iron Brigade'. The jarring 1990s sensibility of this over-directed, under-written movie extends to style as well as content. Worst of all is the blatantly fetishistic attitude the director adopts towards his posturing macho star.

By: TCh

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Mario Van Peebles
Dario Scardapane, Sy Richardson
Mario Van Peebles
Stephen Baldwin
Billy Zane
Charles Lane
Salli Richardson
Melvin Van Peebles