Predator 2

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Showing little of the flair that distinguished its predecessor, this sequel lacks two winning ingredients: a suspenseful plot and Schwarzenegger. It's 1997, ten years since the invisible alien's last appearance, and the conflict has shifted to a different kind of jungle: futuristic Los Angeles, where the police battle against powerful drug lords. The law enforcers get unexpected help from the predator (Hall), who shimmers into view and rips out a villain's spinal column. Maverick cop Harrigan (Glover) is on his trail, but so is Federal Agent Keyes (Busey), heading a special task force. Attempting an uneasy alliance of genres, the film ends up rudderless, leaving the bewildered heroes with merely functional roles as they chart the indiscriminate behaviour of their foe. Harrigan and Keyes clash wardrobes and fall to ceaseless bickering over jurisdiction.

By: CM

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Cast and crew

Director: Stephen Hopkins
Screenwriter: Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Cast: Kevin Peter Hall
Danny Glover
Gary Busey
Ruben Blades
Maria Conchita Alonso
Bill Paxton
Adam Baldwin
Robert Davi
Calvin Lockhart
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