Prince of the City

Dealing with drugs, cops and corruption, this is Serpico all over again, but revised, enlarged and immeasurably improved. All moral certainties have gone, leaving instead a can of worms where questions of friendship, loyalty and honesty are redefined in the ambiguous light of corruption as a NY police officer (Williams), inspired by an indefinable mixture of reformist zeal, guilty self-loathing, and sheer delight in the opportunity for headline exploits, turns informer on behalf of the DA's commission of enquiry. An astonishing in-depth portrait of the interlocking worlds of police and hoodlum results, with no punches pulled and no easy solutions. Lumet isn't noted as the most cinematic of directors; but here the intricate mosaic structure he developed in Dog Day Afternoon generates a dynamism entirely its own, with the invisible mise en scène guaranteed by the galvanising interplay of New York locations and a brilliant ensemble cast.

By: TM

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Cast and crew

Director: Sidney Lumet
Screenwriter: Jay Presson Allen, Sidney Lumet
Cast: Treat Williams
Jerry Orbach
Richard Foronjy
Don Billett
Kenny Marino
Carmine Caridi
Tony Page
Lindsay Crouse
Bob Balaban
James Tolkan