Public Toilet

The Beijing crapper where Dong Dong was born is a venerable 40 years old and has no stalls, just a couple of long benches with holes cut in them - which at least makes for free-flowing conversation. Fruit Chan's film is whimsical effluent: loosely connected ideas and sketches range across the globe (New York, India, Korea), but come back repeatedly to loos and lavatories. For better or (I think) worse, the movie feels as if it was made up as they went along: a series of hand-held DV postcards which ultimately fails to conceal an insubstantial shaplessness. Once or twice, however, Chan reminds you what a gifted film-maker he can be.

By: TCh

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Cast and crew

Director: Fruit Chan
Screenwriter: Fruit Chan, Kee To
Cast: Jang Hyuk
In-Sung Cho
Tsuyoshi Abe
Yang Hee Kim
Sam Lee
Jo Kuk
Zhe Ma