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1 out of 5 stars

This painfully unfunny, laddish and tiresomely anarchic crime comedy is interesting only for being a British-Lithuanian co-production, set partly in London but mostly in Vilnius and its surrrounds. When a robbery goes wrong, a rag-tag bunch of likeable British chancers are chased to Lithuania by a much harder bunch of crims led by, oh yes, Vinnie Jones, older but shoutier as ever. Some of the sadistic treatment meted out to the Brits abroad by the locals might make some Eastern Europeans chuckle, and there are surely cultural references that fly over British viewers’ head. But this is basic, hackneyed stuff, essentially Guy Ritchie exported, diluted and cheapened, like bootleg vodka.


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Emilis Velyvis
Jonas Banys
Vinnie Jones
Scot Williams
Gil Darnell
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