Rudo y Cursi

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2 out of 5 stars
JERSEY BOYS Bernal, left, and Luna fight over who's got the better uniform.
JERSEY BOYS Bernal, left, and Luna fight over who’s got the better uniform.

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2 out of 5 stars

There are three reasons—and three reasons alone—why Carlos Cuarn’s Mexican soccer comedy is being released theatrically in America: Gael Garca Bernal, Diego Luna and Y Tu Mam Tambin. You keep rooting for this reunion of Mama’s stars to tap into the charisma of that frenzied road-trip movie (cowritten by this director), but whereas the earlier Mexican film brought its characters to a painful emotional brink, this satirical tale—so slight it’s hard to even hate it—is too worried about being liked.

Banana-farming brothers Tato (Bernal) and Beto (Luna) are recruited by a major-league soccer scout (Francella). Beto, dubbed “Rudo” (rough) by his teammates, gambles his money away; Tato is nicknamed “Cursi” (prissy) and blows it all on a hot model girlfriend and an ill-advised foray into pop music. (He rents out a circus tent, throwing his own one-song concert to an audience of yawning locals.) These poor, mama-worshipping country boys struggle to play the parts of the ultrarich, leaving loved ones in the lurch as they lounge in luxury; if Rudo y Cursi had been willing to step away from the ftbol fields—and sports-film clichs—to embrace this irony, it might have found the guts to take on a bigger goal.—S. James Snyder

Opens Fri.

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Carlos Cuarón
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