Saturno Contro

Famous for the special Turkish flavours with which he invested 'Hamam: The Turkish Bath', Ozpetek plays on uniquely Italian notions of comradeship in 'Saturn in Opposition', a most beautifully-directed ensemble drama that traces the effect of the illness of one of their number on a group of closely-supportive Roman late-thirtysomething, bourgeois friends. So closely observed and attentive to nuance, mood and character is Ozpetek's film – not to mention careful not to over-privilege its predominantly gay milieu – it might promise to be a breakthrough crossover gay movie , had not its thunder been stolen somewhat by the present UK release of Techiné's similarly-themed 'The Witnesses'. 


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Cast and crew

Ferzan Ozpetek
Pierfrancesco Favino
Stefano Accorsi
Margherita Buy