Terminator Salvation

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Terminator Salvation
METAL ON METAL Bale sneaks up on the future.

After watching James Cameron’s spunky Terminator—even 25 years later—your mind only sparks with questions. Isn’t it romantic, sending a future soldier back in time to protect the mother of the resistance (and also to fall in love with her)? Could there possibly be a better role for an Austrian bodybuilder than a cyborg? And who was this resourceful chick, basically saving humanity’s ass? The new Terminator Salvation, brought to dour, noisy life by Charlie’s Angels director McG, prompts a different set of questions. When did Christian Bale, playing the grown-up freedom fighter John Connor, become such a humorless pill? Where, exactly, do survivors of the “nuclear fire” grow carrots? And wouldn’t being punched in the face by a steel fist hurt a little?

It’s 2018 and the world lies in ruins—Hollywood, too. But judging from Salvation, certain elements of franchise resuscitation have survived: the most boring ones. Giant robots cut down humans or go kaboom in nonthreatening, digitized heaps. Connor, a barker of orders and dull radio broadcasts, still has to locate teenage Kyle Reese (Yelchin, a winning Chekhov in Star Trek) and—yawn—infiltrate Skynet HQ. And there’s another scruffy-bearded hunk, Marcus (Worthington), who probably shouldn’t be trusted, seeing that he can’t string an entire sentence together. Sadly, people still listen to Guns N’ Roses cassettes in the wasteland; also, a certain real-life California governor has been computerized and revived, complete with his 1984 hair part. But missing is Cameron’s signature action modification, best exploited in Aliens: the strapping female heroine. McG’s testosterone-juiced world feels a little doomed without her.—Joshua Rothkopf

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The storyline is absolutely compelling and provokes intrigue for future films of this trilogy. At the beginning it gives hints to the direction of Skynet and actually cracks the door to future movies about Skynet and how it gets off ground. The casting is really good as well having Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington, Common etc. all paint a masterpiece in bringing this conceptual idea to a realistic possibility. There was one unnecessary point in the film where revealing Marcus, the 1st skin covered robot, could have been developed better. Such as when the Marcus had to rescue the pretty woman of the resistance, Blair Williams from an eventual rape. Still, it wasn't detrimental to the story. The apocalyptic setting of a future ravaged and controlled by near indestructible machines was awesome and believable. The war nearing it's end due to the machines relentless efforts to annihilate the humans invite the viewers into the emotions of the hopeless resistance of going out fighting. The movie paves a road that leads towards the development of Kyle Reese in the eventual sequel. For Terminator fans, this movie is really a breath of fresh air.