The Adventures of Milo and Otis

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This film's international appeal (big success in the United States) was probably boosted by the fact that neither Milo nor Otis speak during the course of the picture (no subtitles or dubbing problems here). Milo, you see, is a cat, Otis a dog. After playing havoc with the other farm animals, the pesky pair go down to the river, where Milo is whisked away in a box. Stout-hearted Otis follows down the bank, but cannot keep up. All kinds of fraught encounters ensue before the pals are reunited - and I drifted off myself. A live-action feature, it scores high on the cute-ometer, what with narrator Dudley Moore working himself into a frolicsome frenzy, a singalong signature tune, and more animals than you'll find at Whipsnade. The Japanese original ran for 90 minutes.

By: TCh

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Director: Masanori Hata
Screenwriter: Mark Saltzman
Cast: Dudley Moore
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