The Art of Love

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3 out of 5 stars
The Art of Love
Emmanuel Mouret’s talky ensemble rom-com about the anxieties and mores of dating could be mistaken for a Woody Allen film if it wasn’t so quintessentially French. A gang of bourgeois urbanites worry over matters of the heart – the single ones are desperate to find a mate, their attached friends desperate to hang on to theirs. One woman loans her boyfriend to a lonely female colleague (Julie Depardieu); a young couple decide they should be allowed to sleep with other people; and a suave businessman (François Cluzet) pursues his ditsy neighbour. A round of near-farcial, bedhopping ensues, with some improbable coincidences add to the frothy fun.

By: Sarah Cohen


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Cast and crew

Director: Emmanuel Mouret
Cast: Pascal Arbillot
Ariane Ascaride
Frédérique Bel
François Cluzet
Judith Godrèche