The Brothers Grimm

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The Brothers Grimm

Time Out says

Surely you remember the Grimm brothers' fairy tales, culled from centuries of dark Germanic folklore: "Little Red Riding Hood," "Hansel and Gretel"...Ghostbusters? It's actually that latter fantasy that offers the most unflattering comparison to

Terry Gilliam

's tricked-up spin on the legendary sibs (Damon, Ledger), here reconceived as exploitative phonies who run into a bona fide succubus. So much of Grimm feels fizzily insubstantial, lacking either the romantic depth of Gilliam's masterpiece, Brazil, or the Rube Goldbergian creativity of Baron Munchausen. For summer fare, this is undeniably offbeat stuff; Gilliam just needs to rediscover his rhythm.


Release details

Release date:
Friday August 26 2005
118 mins

Cast and crew

Terry Gilliam
Ehren Kruger
Matt Damon
Heath Ledger
Lena Headey
Peter Stormare
Monica Bellucci
MacKenzie Crook
Richard Ridings

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