The Day the Fish Came Out

Movies, Comedy
In 1972, a military aircraft crashes near a tiny Greek island after jettisoning its nuclear load, and a team of experts is sent to conduct a discreet search for the missing bombs. Their presence, supposedly as representatives of a hotel development company, turns the island into a thriving tourist resort, and the beaches are packed with holidaymakers by the time the fish start mysteriously dying. Directing with an eye to Dr Strangelove, Cacoyannis turns it all into hideously lumbering farce, so unconvincing that one is heartily glad when the unprepossessing characters at last seem likely to be overwhelmed by radiation.

By: TM

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Cast and crew

Director: c Michael Cacoyannis
Cast: Tom Courtenay
Colin Blakely
Sam Wanamaker
Candice Bergen
Ian Ogilvy
Patricia Burke
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